EPP, the leading retail asset manager and owner in Poland, with the dynamic expansion of its portfolio decided to build a specialised leasing and asset management department. The new team will handle all portfolio and asset management functions, including the commercialisation and re-commercialisation of available space.

EPP’s experts will support tenants with an aim to improve their turnover and financial results. The team will launch a new innovative asset management system which will modernise, and improve the tenant mix at EPP’s various malls. The team will also offer financial, technical and administrative support in all areas in order to enhance the operations of the assets.

 “At EPP, cooperation with tenants does not end with signing a lease and collecting the rent,” says Marek Gładki, Leasing & Asset Management department director at EPP. “We want to be a trusted partner who is deeply involved with his clients’ issues; who is interested in their needs and meets their expectations,” he says.

Marek Gładki, who until recently was the director of the shopping centres’ commercialisation and marketing department at Echo Investment and joined EPP in September, will lead the team. His colleagues who will all work as assets managers includes Marta Kusiak, who has more than 10 years of experience in working for tenants. She was responsible for expansion of such brands as New Look Poland, Takko, and IC Companys; Anna Piotrowska who worked for Multi Development, JLL, and Apsys; Jakub Ociepka who worked for Multi Development, Neinver, Colliers International, and IKEA, as well as Marcin Ziółkowski who worked for various shopping centres located across Poland.

About the team:

Marek Gładki
Leasing & Asset Management Department Director

Marek holds a degree in real estate management from the Economic University in Kracow. He also completed post-graduate studies in real estate brokerage. Prior to joining EPP, he worked for Echo Investment for over 13 years as Leasing and Marketing Department Director where he was responsible for developing and implementing leasing strategies for such projects as Galaxy Szczecin, Pasaż Grunwaldzki Wrocław, Libero Katowice as well as Galeria Echo Kielce. He also dealt with re-commercialisation of all the shopping centres in Echo Investment’s portfolio and took part in creating a multifunctional retail project – Towarowa 22 in Warsaw – a joint project by EPP and Echo Investment. He joined EPP in September 2017. 

Anna Piotrowska

Asset Manager

Anna is a lawyer with a degree from Ryszard Łoziński University of Commerce and Law and has completed a two-year post-graduate study for real estate brokers. She started her professional career in 2004 as a lawyer working for Apsys followed by five and a half years at a French developer where  she handled commercialization of projects. Before joining EPP in September 2017, she worked for JLL and Multi Development. Her main projects were the commercialisation of Manufactura (Apsys) and Forum Gdańskie (Multi).

Jakub Ociepka

Asset Manager

His career in the real estate sector started in 2005. A graduate of political studies at Warsaw University, Jakub also holds a post-graduate diploma in real estate brokerage studies. Prior to joining EPP, Jakub worked for Multi Development, Neinver, Colliers and IKEA where he dealt with the commercialisation of regular shopping centres, outlets and shopping parks, including – among others – factory outlets, Futura shopping parks, Europa Centralna as well as Twierdza Zamość, Wzorcownia, Galeria Leszno and Zakopianka. He joined EPP in September 2017.

Marta Kusiak

Asset Manager

Marta has over 10 years of experience in the retail sector, both in real estate and operational activity. Prior to joining EPP in July 2017, she worked for New Look Poland where she built the brand on the Polish market, and earlier for Takko Fashion (Polish, Lithuanian and Estonian markets) as well as for IC Companys Poland (Jackpot, Cottonfield, Martinique, Part Two), as well as in the Czech Republic and Hungary. She is a graduate of Świętokrzyska Academy, with a degree in vocational consulting as well as post-graduate studies at Łódź University, with a degree in corporate finance and strategies. 

Marcin Ziółkowski

Asset Manager

Marcin started his career in the real estate sector in 2004. He was responsible for the commercialisation and re-commercialisation of shopping centres across Poland, including Galeria Bałtycka in Gdańsk, Alfa Centrum Gdańsk as well Zielone Arkady Centre in Bydgoszcz and Renoma in Wrocław. He previously worked for multinational corporations such as CBRE, Centrum Development & Investments (Eastbridge group) and ECE Projektmanagement.    

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