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First Programme in Poland


EPP and PCBC Launch First Programme in Poland Popularizing European Certification for Cleaning Services together with Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A. (PCBC, Polish Centre for Testing and Certification) decided to launch pioneer programme Go Green, Go Clean on the Polish market. Within the programme both partners will partner on popularizing ecological, i.e. environmentally friendly and people friendly services, solutions and products dedicated to maintaining cleanliness at retail facilities and public utility properties.

Our programme Go Green, Go Clean is the first project in Poland, whose aim is the promotion of environmentally friendly services marked with the EU Ecolabel sign and fulfilling rigorous environmental standards defined by the European Union. As part of our environmental policy, we strive to keep cleanliness of EPP’s properties with the utmost care for the well-being and health of customers visiting our shopping centres, as well as those working there. By 2021, we endeavour to co-operate solely with entities offering cleaning services marked with the EU Ecolabel sign,” says Wojciech Knawa, EPP’s board member.

An increasing number of companies start to realize that certified services providing a declaration of eco-friendliness become a requirement in the consumers’ eyes. We believe this kind of initiative will improve society’s and ecological awareness of the significance of human well-being and protection of natural resources, as well as create new trends in retail facilities and public utility properties management. As of today, entrepreneurs who decided to take on this responsibility will be able to reach a new group of customers and outrun their competition”, says Marta Dzierzecka, Manager of Chemical, Food Product and Ecolabel Certification Division at PCBC.

EU Ecolabel is an official European accolade that has been functioning on the market for over
25 years. Since 2nd May 2018 it is awarded to eco-friendly cleaning services, which satisfy the highest quality and health standards. The basis for the award are ecological criteria published in the form of European Commission decisions. The criteria are examined and agreed on by researchers with the input of interested parties from EU member states and Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein.