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EPP is the largest asset manager of retail real estate located in Poland in terms of GLA. Our portfolio consists of 35 projects (29 retail properties and 6 office complexes) with a total value of approx. 2.8 billion euro and leasable area of over 1 milion square metres. EPP’s projects are located in the most attractive Polish cities with the strongest consumer demand and growth potential.


Numbers speak louder than words


place in terms of retail GLA in Poland


retail and office projects


major cities in Poland

1 m

square metres of GLA

2.8 bn

EUR portfolio value


retail units


Contact for the media

Izabela Wójtowicz
T: +48 504 112 741
E: epp-poland@grayling.com

CSR and volunteering

Galeria Sudecka takes into the magical world of the Karkonosze mountains


CSR and volunteering

EPP helps people from Ukraine


CSR and volunteering

Golden Butterfly for Malta Office Park


Corporate news

HR of the Top Quality 2023



We strongly believe we must take responsibility for the environmental, social and governance matters we influence. Therefore in 2021 we implemented an ESG policy that is an integral part of our business strategy and sets the framework and goals for our operations. 

Rafał Kwiatkowski
Chief Operating Officer 


Non-corporate corporation


There are about200 of us

and we are open for new, valuable people. We belive that the people who work here, and the values they bring to our company, are the most important. 


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