The implementation of the ESG policy in 2021 is a strategic shift in the responsible approach to our business. As the leading asset manager of retail and office projects in Poland, we do not want to remain neutral to the challenges posed by ongoing climate change and social expectations. Therefore we took the decision to integrate ESG into our operations very consciously and are consistently putting it into practice. In response to the expectations of our customers, tenants, business partners and our owner, we want to run our business in a responsible and transparent manner, limiting its impact on the environment and the immediate surroundings and developing good industry practices.

Rafał Kwiatkowski

Chief Operating Officer


  • Challenges of the modern world such as: global warming, environmental pollution, water shortages, biodiversity decline, waste management, civilisation diseases and health crises, inequality and many others 
  • Expectations of our stakeholders, who demand responsibility and transparency from their business partners 
  • Requirements of the emerging market of sustainable financing


through transparency

Interactions with various stakeholders require us to establish transparent rules for managing business relationships.

Therefore we transparently communicate matters important to us to build trust in relationship with our stakeholders.


Good corporate governance incorporating non-financial aspects into business strategy and decision-making is an essential part of our ESG approach.

We are developing forward thinking and resilient organisation to create value in sustainable manner.

for everyone

Offices and shopping centres managed by us are open and accessible to everyone. Inclusion through access to EPP spaces allows all our visitors, tenants and communities to interact socially. At the same time, we focus on creating a working environment where everyone is treated equally, personal development is supported, and employees are encouraged to express their opinions.

We promote an attitude of inclusiveness to create a space accessible to people with diverse needs where everyone can feel comfortable.


Dynamic climate change and a growing number of initiatives and regulations to limit it, are driving companies to pay attention to the impact they have on the environment. At the same time, customers, tenants and business partners expect buildings to be even more eco-friendly. There is also growing interest in investing in real estate that do not pollute the environment.

All of this makes us reduce our impact on the environment by decreasing the carbon footprint and use of resources to work in harmony with nature. Here you can read more about how we support biodiversity.

We invite you to read Climate Risk Report for the year ended 31 August 2022


We are proud to present our first ESG report

Discover our 2021 accomplishments and learn about our plans for the coming years.