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Ubrania Do Oddania and EPP join forces for industry’s largest clothing collection


Donating clothes is the best way to get rid of unwanted clothes, claims nearly 80% of respondents surveyed on behalf of EPP*, the largest shopping centre operator in Poland. Giving a second life to unused clothing is not only an action that can benefit those in need, but also a concern for the environment. EPP, as a socially responsible company, has entered into a partnership with the Ubrania Do Oddania brand to jointly carry out the largest collection of clothes organised in commercial properties to date. This is the first such a wide-ranging campaign that will cover all shopping centres and office buildings managed by EPP. Discounts to 4F and Outhorn shops have been prepared for those who get involved in the campaign, which runs from 24 March to 1 April 2023. For every kilogram of clothing collected, the Ubrania Do Oddania brand will donate 1 PLN to the Success University programme run by the Digital University Foundation.

60% of the fashion industry’s carbon footprint is created when clothes are transported to Europe. By putting unwanted items into a second circuit, we are collectively reducing these emissions. The second circuit is also a creative approach to fashion trends and defining style in your own way, because fashion is for us, not us for fashion – argues Zofia Zochniak, co-founder of the brand Ubrania Do Oddania, the organiser of the campaign.

Second life of clothes
Consumers are aware that closing the fashion loop is an important trend that responds to the challenges of today’s world. Nine out of ten respondents (89%) agree with the statement that donating unworn clothing is a way to help those in need, and 86% see it as an expression of care for the environment. There are many possibilities to give unused clothes a second life – Poles declare that they most often donate them to special containers (42%), give them to family or friends (34%) or sell them (27%). One in five respondents takes their clothes to collections (22%) or donates them to organisations supporting people in need (21%).

We were keen to enter into a partnership with the Ubrania Do Oddania brand because we understand the importance of the circular economy and how much good can come from popularising a responsible approach to redundant clothing. Although more than half of respondents say that the process of donating clothes does not have to be complex or demanding, there are still many people who may find it difficult. We want to make it easier for them by organising collections in EPP-managed retail and office facilities across Poland. We believe that we will be able to activate our customers, employees and tenants to collect as many kilograms as possible and support a good cause. This action is part of our long-term ESG strategy of reducing our environmental impact and involving local communities – says Urszula Matej-Bil, director of PR and communications at EPP.

Spring wardrobe check
EPP, as the main partner of the “Don’t wear it, bring it to us” campaign, will carry out a collection of clothes in the portfolio of managed properties – 16 shopping centres and 6 office buildings across Poland will join the campaign. The timing of the collection was chosen with good reason – almost half of the respondents (45%) are of the opinion that spring is a good time to organise their own wardrobe. Unused clothes that are still in good condition can be brought to the EPP-managed facilities. For every kilogram of clothing collected, the Ubrania Do Oddania brand will donate PLN 1 to the Digital University Foundation, which runs the University of Success programme. This is an educational programme that will enable disadvantaged young women to enter the digital labour market with the necessary range of skills.

Every kilogram collected during the campaign will contribute to the budget of Success University, a year-long scholarship programme for young women who want to tie their professional future to the IT industry, but are in a difficult financial situation and cannot educate themselves without external support. We provide them with programming courses, career counselling, mentoring and motivational and development workshops. So far, 348 women have participated in the programme, and in March this year we started recruitment for the 5th edition – says Elżbieta Wojciechowska, president of the Digital University Foundation.

Together we can do more
The campaign is also supported by clothing brands owned by OTCF S.A.. – 4F and Outhorn. The choice of partners was not accidental – 4F has been implementing the 4F Change strategy since January 2022, under which it gives clothes a second life and donates financial support to the 4F Pomaga Foundation. The brand popularises the repair of clothes or shoes and their responsible use, so that they can serve as long as possible.
Those who choose to support the Ubrania Do Oddania and EPP initiative can look forward to discounts on purchases at Outhorn and 4F, including the Wear_Fair second-hand clothing zones. A discount voucher will be available for donating at least 5kg of reusable clothing.

The Digital University Foundation has been operating since 2014. Its mission is to educate people about new technologies and skills for conscious exploitation of natural resources, to raise awareness of cyber security and to help them understand and adapt to an ever-changing world. We teach the professions of the future by giving support to wards of orphanages, day care centres and excluded communities. We run educational projects for students and teachers on ecology and online safety, as well as activities for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war.

Ubrania Do Oddania – we are redefining the concept of second-hand clothing in the textile market UDO proving that circularity is attractive and profitable. is a fundraising service established in 2018 that, by combining second-hand clothing collections with financial support for charities, has already donated more than PLN 1,400,000 to it. In 2022, Ubrania do Oddania team established a Partnership with the European Commission for the implementation of the objectives of the European Union Strategy for Sustainable Closed Circuit Textiles in Poland.

* About the survey
The survey, in the form of online interviews, was conducted by SW Research in March this year on behalf of EPP on a representative sample of Polish adults. Its aim was to check habits and opinions related to unused clothing.