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Warsaw plants trees


Our Warsaw office team joined the annual “Partnership for Climate” project. The event took place on the grounds of the Bemowo Forest Wilderness in Warsaw’s Bielany district, where together with representatives of other companies and institutions we confronted the progressive deforestation. Together we planted almost two thousand seedlings!
The partners of the event are organisations and institutions representing a variety of environments, united by concern for the welfare of our planet. Representatives of diplomatic missions, city offices and units, NGOs, companies and institutions gathered at the site. We have joined the action on behalf of the Polish Association of Real Estate Developers.
After a detailed planting instruction, we selected small-leaved linden and maple-avalanche seedlings and started greening the lungs of Warsaw. With shovels in our hands, we quickly proved how much can be done in a group. It’s encouraging to know that the two thousand seedlings planted together will soon grow into a lush, green life.