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A good deed for 5,000 sqm at Galeria Solna


Flower meadows are an extremely useful and pleasing feature of the urban landscape. One of the EPP sites, where such a meadow bloomed last year, is Galeria Solna. This year, our team in Inowrocław has decided to re-seed the area, which covers as much as 5,000 sqm. This is great news for customers, employees and, above all, the insects living in the area.

The meadow is mainly used by bees and small insects that search for food there. However, it has many more advantages. Greening of urban areas is a response of our centres to the ecological challenges posed by the modern world. We are implementing measures that transform the landscape into a healthier place, which improves the quality of life for residents. So far, flower meadows have bloomed at four EPP sites.

The area was sown by the cleaning service responsible for the vegetation around Galeria Solna. In order to continue caring for the meadows, a horticultural action was organised twice, in which our colleagues from Galeria Solna took part.

Our team – as part of doing good deeds – actively joined in tending the meadow. Some of the plants had already flowered or withered, so they had to be removed. We also had to limit the expansion of weeds. All this so that the just-growing flowers could receive adequate sunlight and water. In short, we weeded and tidied up – says Dominika Kucharska of Galeria Solna marketing department.