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Our news

Our Warsaw office team for neighbouring nursing home


As part of an employee volunteering programme, a team from EPPWarsaw office established a relationship with the administrators and residents of the nearby ‘Chemik’ Nursing Home. The comity began shortly after we moved to the new location at Park Rozwoju complex, and we hope it will continue in the future.

Over the past few months, our colleagues have undertaken a number of activities at “Chemik”. A group of volunteers planted flowers, weeded the pavement and installed hedgehog houses and nesting boxes for birds. We also managed to clean up leaves throughout the garden to enable residents moving safely around the building.

The friendly cooperation was extended with a confectionery-volunteer event that took place just before Christmas. We baked cakes and handed them over to the residents. To make the time even sweeter, our staff involved their children, who created a whole stack of laurels with Christmas wishes.

– We are happy to play our part in making the residents of Chemik’ happy. It is encouraging that with our commitment and willingness to work we can do so much – says Martyna from the communication and marketing department at Warsaw office.